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“Revenge is sweet. Reinventing yourself after getting knocked down by a cheating husband and creating a whole new life filled with recipes, an imaginary guru, and a food column is even sweeter. Loved the whole book.”

— Cathy Lamb, Julia’s Chocolates on The Divorce Diet

“Broken-hearted? Need to drop a few pounds? Well, the recipes in The Divorce Diet won’t do a thing for your waistline, but the infectious good laughs in this wonderfully funny novel will leave you, if not thinner, a whole lot happier and in love with its beaten-down but determined heroine. With all the pluck of Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones and sardonic good humor of Lorrie Moore, Ellen Hawley serves us a treat of a novel. Read it and you too will have a deliciously good time.”

— David Haynes, author of A Star in the Face of the Sky on The Divorce Diet

“A sweet and realistic story about how the smallest of comforts can provide the greatest abundance and joy.”

— Margaret Dilloway, author of Sisters of Heart and Snow on The Divorce Diet

“Any reader who has ever experienced the loss of love will find much to identify with in The Divorce Diet. It was heartening to watch the narrator slowly come back to life after being abandoned with a small child and no job. Ellen Hawley writes wry and poignant prose that keeps you laughing and reading well after your bedtime.”

— Lisa Alther, author of Blood Feud  on The Divorce Diet

“I’m not dieting or divorcing and yet I found The Divorce Diet to be enchanting and engaging. Newly single mom Abigail finds revenge, redemption and reinvention in the kitchen, not to mention a second chance at life, love and self-esteem. Memo to readers: Don’t read this before bedtime. You’ll be up all night.”

— Michele Morris, author of Paper Girls on The Divorce Diet

“A funny, touching, wry, sophisticated, appealing--oh, you know all those adjectives. But Ellen Hawley’s Divorce Diet actually deserves them. Food and love and loss and resilience--and a terrific narrative playfulness--are Hawley’s recipe for a slyly entertaining and heartening novel.”

— Daniel Menaker, author of The Treatment on The Divorce Diet

Open Line is the perfect choice for those looking for a satirical novel that doesn’t take itself too seriously. . . . Hawley’s characterizations are flawless, and her dialogue is lively and realistic. Open Line may be a sad commentary on the political/media complex, but it makes for an entertaining reading experience.”

— Nancy Pearl, KUOW,org, on Open Line

“A painful and profound statement about war, politics and the media chasing its tail.”

— Ed Felien, Southside Pride, on Open Line

“Hawley . . . gives Annette and Stan some priceless metaphors. Here is Stan observing his roommate: ‘Flambard picked through Del Reiss’s books like a four-year-old picking through chow mein for the chicken bits, shoving everything else to one side of his plate.’ Annette notices that her lover’s mansion ‘was Hansel and Gretel meet Frank Lloyd Wright and they all get introduced by Donald Trump.’ . . . The book is great comedy, but it also is challenging and sobering, leaving us to wonder just how far reality can be bent out of shape.”

— Brigitte Frase, Star Tribune, on Open Line

“Halfway through Open Line, Ellen Hawley’s engaging new political satire, I was almost convinced that the Vietnam War never happened.”

— Mary Ann Grossmann, Pioneer Press, on Open Line

“Hawley . . . shrewdly skewers the media and popular culture as she catalogs Annette’s journey from no-name to fame.”

— Allison Block, Booklist, on Open Line

“Annette is feeling the truth of the proverb about being careful what you wish for. Hawley . . . has given us a well-written, fast-paced story with believable characters who could have easily been cardboard stereotypes. Talk-show listeners will recognize the forces at play here, and this novel will appeal both to them and to fans of political novels like Larry Beinhart’s The Librarian and American Hero, the basis for the movie Wag the Dog.”

— Debbie Bogenschutz, Library Journal, on Open Line

“Hawley’s characters are fully realized people, with their own set of ambitions, insecurities and competing desires, and her great achievement is to have constructed out of their lives a deft and hilarious sendup of the media and political culture.”

— Publishers Weekly, starred review, on Open Line

“Even the most outraged and cynical will find much to (ruefully) laugh at in Ellen Hawley’s depiction of the American media’s post-ethical age and the bizarro world of contemporary talk radio.”

— Stewart O'Nan, author of Last Night at the Lobster and Snow Angels, on Open Line

Open Line is an eerie urban fable, a cautionary tale told in [Ellen] Hawley’s swift and commanding voice.”

— Heather McElhatton, author of Pretty Little Mistakes: A Do-Over Novel, on Open Line