Ellen Hawley is the author of two novels, Open Line and Trip Sheets. A third, The Divorce Diet will be out in January 2015. She has moonlighted as a radio talk show host, driven a cab, taught creative writing, and for eighteen years edited the Loft Literary Center’s magazine. She is a native New Yorker but lived in Minnesota for forty years and now lives in Cornwall. read more »

What People are Saying

“Hawley . . . gives Annette and Stan some priceless metaphors. Here is Stan observing his roommate: ‘Flambard picked through Del Reiss’s books like a four-year-old picking through chow mein for the chicken bits, shoving everything else to one side of his plate.’ Annette notices that her lover’s mansion ‘was Hansel and Gretel meet Frank Lloyd Wright and they all get introduced by Donald Trump.’ . . . The book is great comedy, but it also is challenging and sobering, leaving us to wonder just how far reality can be bent out of shape.”

— Brigitte Frase, Star Tribune, on Open Line

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